International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Intelligent Technologies ICBAIT - 2018
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Department of Computer Science, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
ISBN: 978-93-87102-94-1

5th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology ICETET’18
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Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engineering College, Madurai
ISBN: 978-93-87102-99-6

Recent Innovations in Science
and Technology
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Department of Chemistry, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore
ISBN: 978-93-80172-87-3

National Seminar on Dynamics of Diasporic Trajectories in English Literature
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The Research Department of English, Pachamuthu College of Arts & Science for Women, Dharmapuri
ISBN: 978-93-87102-95-8

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ISBN 978-93-87871 Series

Industrial Relationship Management

Dr. B. Jeeva Rekha, Dr. K. Priya

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-00-7

Achieving Success in Computer Science Interview

Mr.S.Senthil Kumar

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-01-4

Introduction to Corrosion of Metals

Dr. T. Gowrani

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-02-1

Trends in Advance D Nutrition

Dr.C.Mabel Joshaline, S.Kowsalya

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-03-8

Awareness of Concept Oriented Reading Instruction (Cori) Method in English Among Prospective Teachers

Dr.S.Govindaraj, Mrs.V.Meera, Mrs.S.Rubini & Mrs.C.Sandhiya

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-04-5

Fine Tuning Students ‘Behaviour through Values

Bon Secours College of Education, Thanjavur

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-05-2

Teaching and Learning Process in 21st Century (TLP18)

Adhiparasakthi College of Education, Vellore

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-06-9

முன்னோர்கள் ஒன்றும் முட்டாள்கள் இல்லை

இர.நாகராஜன் ஞா.அருஞ்சுனைச்செல்வன் அ.சேர்மராஜன் ச.நாகஅனுஷா

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-07-6

Introduction to Computer Technology

Dr. R. Asokarajan

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-08-3

Sustainable Agriculture Development: Challenges and Strategies

Department of Economics, Vivekanandha College

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-09-0

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr.N.Karuppiah, Dr.S.Muthubalaji

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-10-6

Strategies & Innovations in Management

Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-11-3

VLSI Design

Dr.P.Suveetha Dhanaselvam, Dr.A.Babu Karuppiah, Mr.R.Rajaraja

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-12-0

அழகப்பா என்னும் அழகியமனம்

டாக்டர் ராமநாதன் வைரவன்

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-13-7


Mr.Selvam.S, Dr.Usha.S

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-14-4

National Conference on Energy and Environment NCONEE’18

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kalasalingam Academic of Research & Education

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-15-1

E-Banking in an E-Age-Student’s Perspective

R. Helda, S. Fatima Rosaline Mary

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-16-8

3rd International Conference on Computational Intelligence

Sethu Institute of Technology

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-18-2



» ISBN: 978-93-87871-20-5

National Conference on Data Computing, Communication, Security and IOT (NCDCCSIT’18)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kalasalingam Academic of Research & Education

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-21-2

Condition Monitoring Methods of Induction Motor

Dr. I. Kathir

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-22-9

2nd National Conference on Recent Trends in Commerce and Management

Loyola College of Arts and Science, Namakkal

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-23-6

Literature Foregrounded in Historical Background Editors

Dr.Jessica Selwyn, Mrs.E.MishmaAlwin, Mrs.S.JeffinzaCarunya Zelma

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-24-3

Quality in Education – A Binding Force


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-26-7

Self Development

R.M.P C.S.I P.S.K Rajaratnam Memorial College of Education, Thoothukudi

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-27-4

எங்கே பாரதி?

குடியரசி (எ) விஜயரசி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-28-1

History of Physical Education and Tournaments


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-29-8

Statistical Application in Physical Education


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-30-4

Java Programming

M.Praveena, B.Nandhini

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-31-1

Fabric Finishes, Quality Evaluation of Dyeing and Printing


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-32-8

General Introduction to Natural Fibres


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-33-5

Women Unlimited

Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-34-2

Tourism Destination Development and Management

Srinivasan Pilavadisamy

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-35-9

Science Communication: Issues and Challenges

Department of Physics, FAA Govt. PG College, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

» ISBN: 978–93–87871–36-6

Voice for the voiceless

N.Thamodharan, S.Sivakarhick

» ISBN: 978–93–87871–37-3

Anita Rau Badami

K. Swathi

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-38-0

விடுகதைகள் ஐநூறு

மலேசியா போகையா முனியாண்டி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-39-7

சிறுவர் சிங்காரப் பாடல்கள்

மலேசியா போகையா முனியாண்டி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-40-3

சிறுவர் சிங்கார சிறுகதைகள்

மலேசியா போகையா முனியாண்டி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-41-0

Java Programming

Dr.B.Gomathi, Mrs.N.Yamuna

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-42-7

Introduction to Intellectual Property

V. Selvarajan

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-43-4

A Novel FLIPCRYP Security Methodology for a Cyber Physical System

Dr. M.Sreenivasa Rao, Dr. M.Sharada Varalakshmi

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-44-1

Role Stress among Single and Dual Career Couples in Madurai


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-45-8

Stress Management

P.S. Rajeswari, S. Jahira Parveen

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-46-5

SIDDHA Balancing Therapy (சித்தர் சமன மருத்துவம்)

Dr. J. Jeyavenkatesh Dr.G.Senthilvel Dr.P.Saravanapandian

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-47-2

International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics ICAAM 2018

Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology, Trichy

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-50-2

Mobile Technologies, Big Data & Data Analytics

Sri Sai Bharath College of Arts & Science, Oddanchatram

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-52-6

Efficiency of Technical Institutions – DEA

Dr.R.P.Sree Devi

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-53-3

நாடகம்: வரலாறும் வகைதொகையும்

முனைவர் ச.கலைவாணி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-54-0

Operation and Control in Power System

B.Raja Gopal Reddy

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-55-7

Application Exercise Physiology in sports and Games


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-56-4

Pons Bilingual Better Dictionary


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-57-1

Office Automation

Mrs.R.Kaviyarasi, Mr.M.Neelamegan

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-60-1

Classical Algebra

Dr.C.Ragavan, Dr.D.Senthil Kumar

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-61-8

Vector Analysis

Dr.C.Ragavan, Mr.M.Balamurugan

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-62-5

Divine Beings: Caring the Uncared Transgender in the Third Millennium

Department of Political Science & Public Administration, Annamalai University, Chidambaram

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-63-2

Physical Education: Organization and Adminstration Methods


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-66-3

International Conference on Digital Marketing – A Global Perspective

Department of Management Studies, Fatima College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-67-0

Sports Training System of Coaching


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-68-7

Proceedings of the One Day Hindi National Students Conference नव प्रवाह

Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-70-0

Indian Art Heritage A Brief Survey


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-71-7

Merchant Class


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-72-4

Selected Topics on Indian Archaeology


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-74-8

Program Lanning Monitoring & Evaluation

Senapathy. M

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-75-5

Proceedings of International Seminar on Smart Textiles in Modern Era – SMARTEX Fashion’ 18

Holy Cross Home Science College, Thoothukudi

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-76-2

Financial Markets and Services

Dr.D.Joel Jebadurai, Dr.D.Hepzibah Vinsyah Jeyaseeli, Dr.A.Rajeswari & Mr.R.Karthick

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-77-9

International Conference on Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship Development

Post Graduate & Research Department of Commerce, Vivekananda College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-78-6

அப்துல்ரகுமான் கவிதை – உத்திகள்

முனைவர். க.கிருஷ்ணகுமாரி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-80-9

‘இரகசியப் பூ’ – ஆய்வு

முனைவர். க.கிருஷ்ணகுமாரி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-81-6

‘சுட்டுவிரல்’ – ஆய்வு

முனைவர். க.கிருஷ்ணகுமாரி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-82-3

ந.முத்துகுமார் கவிதைகள் – ஆய்வு

முனைவர். க.கிருஷ்ணகுமாரி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-83-0

சங்ககால வாழ்வியல் ஒழுகலாறு

முனைவர். க.கிருஷ்ணகுமாரி

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-84-7

நலம் வாழ்க


» ISBN: 978-93-87871-85-4

Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Dr.N.Karuppiah & Dr.S.Ravivarman

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-86-1

Proceedings of the International Level Seminar on Topical Drifts in Nano Science & Environmental Science

Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts & Science, Theni

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-88-5

SOUVENIR 4th Students’ Conference “CHEATS 2k18”

Madurai Institution of Company Secretaries Students’ Association (MICSSA)

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-93-9

Proceeding of National Conference on English Language Teaching

Sri Sai Bharath College of Arts and Science, Dindigul District

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-94-6

Proceeding of National Conference on Literature and Translation Studies

Sri Sai Bharath College of Arts and Science, Dindigul District

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-95-3

Digital Principles and System Design (CS8351)

Dr.P.Thirumurugan, Dr.P.Maniraj Kumar, Dr.J.Sangeetha

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-97-7

மதிப்பூட்டிய பால் பொருட்கள் தயாரிப்பு

மு. அண்ணா ஆனந்த் ரீட்டா நாராயணன்

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-98-4

Digital Logic Circuits (Ee8351)

Dr.J.Sangeetha, Dr.P.Maniraj kumar, Dr.P.Thirumurugan

» ISBN: 978-93-87871-99-1